The company was founded in 2005 with the support of the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development to ensure transport links between Europe and Asia (within the framework of the International Transport Corridor No. 9)

Euroterminal today is

• The territory, totaling 42 hectares, is home to the TIR-parking, the cargo customs complex (CCC), the first in Ukraine Free Customs Zone (FCZ) and the special project “Autohub”

• The territory of “Dry Port” is planned out to facilitate further expansion, organization of production, as well as functional interaction with all types of transport. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the port of Odessa and is connected to it by a main track (overpass). The distance to the farthest berth of the port along the overpass is 6 km

• A transport holding, which includes stevedoring company UNSC and brokerage and forwarding company Eurocargo

• One of the largest taxpayers in the Odessa region, audited by the “big five”

• A member of the European Business Association and the Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs


• High-quality and timely provision of services

• Focus on long-term and regular partnerships

• Honesty towards our partners and customers

• Flexibility in management and decision-making, efficiency of work processes

• Continuous improvement of methods and organization of work


• Dynamic development of the company in the field of international transportation and foreign economic activity

• Ensuring stable and efficient operation of Odessa Port capacities to increase carrying capacity and cargo turnover

• Expansion of the range of cargo processed

• Improving efficiency of the business model and achieving a leading position in the international transportation market