Dry Port

The project “Dry Port” is: a multimodal logistics center with a developed infrastructure, modern equipment, which has no analogues in Ukraine, allowing the cargo owner to enjoy all the advantages of the seaport on land.

The project was made possible by the close cooperation of state structures, the Odessa city authorities, the port of Odessa, private investors and international financial institutions represented by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

The logistics center includes:

open storage areas for container storage;


temporary storage;

LCL cargo handling complex (groupage cargo);

terminal for storage and processing of grain cargoes;

business center;


customs warehouse;

cargo customs complex.

Project Benefits

Favorable geographical location in relation to traffic intersections (all within 4 km: port - terminals; Odessa - the center; Circle route)

The presence of a transport overpass connecting the Dry Port with the Port of Odessa, which does not intersect with the city’s transport highways

Allows the processing of goods from all of the above ports

It is located in close proximity to the railway stations Odessa-Sorting, Odessa-Commodity, Odessa-Peresyp and Odessa-Port

It is part of the Odessa-Port checkpoint, which allows you to move cargo between the port of Odessa and the dry port without additional documents

Location in one place (the concept of "single office") of all interested public services, as well as service structures

Opportunities for the development of the complex at the expense of their own not developed lands

Support from the state, municipal authorities and the leadership of the transport industry