Euroterminal LLC begins its history in 2005.

Exactly at this time the investment project “Dry Port” is launching. Its main goal is to create a modern multi-modal logistics complex, aimed to combine three types of transport in one place: sea, road and railway transport.

The first steps of the company towards the implementation of the project were the acquisition of a part of the regressive territory, which was previously filtration fields, as well as used for drainage and dumping of this territory, which made it suitable for road traffic and further development.

These activities allowed to create a unique transport and logistics chain: the terminals of Odessa port - the transport overpass - Dry Port - international transport corridors (No. 9, TRACECA), an integral part of which is the territory of Euroterminal LLC.

Thanks to the implementation of the “Dry Port” project, the heavy transport was removed from the streets of Odessa, and the ecological problem of the Peresyp district was solved.


investor budivnitstva on the territory of Odessa "Dry Port" - a multimodal logistic complex.