Company Profile

EUROTERMINAL LLC – is the investing company behind a “Dry Port” Development Project situated on the territory of Odessa Sea Trade Port. Dry port is a multipurpose logistic complex, providing such services as TIR parking for Odessa Port as well as provision of a logistics centre and a developed infrastructure.
“Dry Port” is just one of the elements within the transport and logistics chain of operations- starting with: “Odessa port terminals; then the transportation bridge leading to the – “dry port” and finaly the – international transport passageway No. 9”.
Construction is carried out on Euroterminal's 42,1272 hectares land plot within the located at Odessa, 4, Khadzhibeyevskaya road (near the filtration fields).
The ISL (Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics, Germany) is responsible for the project design which includes a container complex and storage facilities allowing for the provision of industrial and complex services with the potential for further expansion; organized production and functional operational facilities for a wide range of transport means.