Cargo customs complex

Cargo customs complex - part of the checkpoint "Odessa Commercial Sea Port". The port operator, in whose territory all types of services related to customs clearance of goods and vehicles (inspection, weighing, scanning) are rendered.

The total area of the CCC is 7.65 hectares.

On the territory of the CCC is carried out:

control of import, export and transit on the principle of "Single Window" for all public services (border guard, customs, SES, etc.);

customs clearance of all types of goods and vehicles;

reliable and safe preservation of goods and vehicles before and during customs clearance;

maintenance of goods and vehicles (inspection, scanning and weighing of goods, an observation ramp for 15 windows, allows you to simultaneously serve 15 trucks);

loading and unloading operations and other related operations;

broker and forwarding services;

information services.

Part of the cargo customs complex is the AutoHab project, with an area of more than 4 ha. Today AutoHab is:
• Automobile warehouse with the possibility of simultaneous storage of up to 2,300 cars and processing up to 300 cars per day
• Administrative office to accommodate all state bodies (customs, border guard service, service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs) and other interested organizations (expert organization for determining the value of cars, insurance companies, Ukrgasbank, etc.)
• A service station with 3 inspection posts and 1 box for the expert RDFC (research and development forensic center) for checking vehicles before being issued at the MVD service center
• Post with stands for carrying out vehicle research for compliance with national standards

The following operations are carried out at AutoHab:
• Unloading of vehicles from containers and trucks for placement in the auto warehouse
• Responsible storage of cars in the auto warehouse
• Car examination for compliance with national standards with the issuance of appropriate certificates
• Determining the market value of cars
• Customs clearance of cars for their release into free circulation
• Repair, bringing cars to the proper technical condition and their re-equipment in accordance with the applicable national standards
• State registration of cars with the issuance of license plates
• Insurance and other related service

The first in Ukraine Free Customs Zone (FCZ) operates on the territory of the Cargo Customs Complex EUROTERMINAL LLC. A free customs zone is a customs regime, according to which foreign goods are stored in an equipped area (warehouse) with exemption from customs payments and without applying non-tariff regulation measures of foreign economic activity, in the status of foreign goods until they are registered in another customs regime.

The purpose and advantages of this mode:

For individuals: Providing the possibility of visual inspection and clarification of the technical characteristics of vehicles for personal use BEFORE making a purchase.

For legal entities:
The possibility of unlimited storage of goods without moving them to any customs regime. The possibility of transferring ownership of the goods until the importation into the customs territory of Ukraine.