The main task of the TIR-parking is the accumulation and dispatching of the traffic from the port / to the port. The total area of the TIR-parking is 8,5 hectares.

On the territory of the TIR-parking is carried out:

• Regulation of the movement of heavy vehicles

• Registration of all types of cargo documentation

• Automatic registration of transport in the relevant electronic bases of the port and stevedoring companies

• Secure parking for trucks moving to the port of Odessa

• Service for drivers

The container processing terminal operates on the territory of the TIR-parking

Terminal area - 2.5 ha

The container handling terminal provides the following services:

receiving empty containers for safe storage;

unloading empty containers from the client's transport;

loading and transportation of empty containers to the terminals of the port of Odessa;

registration in the electronic database of container terminals of the port of Odessa.